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    Main Application

    Monton bearing is mainly engaged in the production of the angular contact ball bearing,precision crossd roller bearing,the section ball bearing,cylindrical roller bearing,spherical roller bearing,thrust roller ball bearings and harmonic drives and the customer made non-standard bearings.Our products have been widely used for machine tools,weapon,mining,metallurgy,port machinery,medical treatment,cement,oil drilling,textile,industrial robots,papermaking machinery,concrete mixer truck,rolling mill and the national defense industry field.

    We sincerely invite you to cooperate with us to make use of our substantial product know-how as well as our extensive bearing knowledge to supply the best bearing for you.As many companies have done before you, we trust that we can also become your most RELIABLE bearing supplier in China.

    2001 Founded Monton bearings


    2003 Nominated and awarded the 'Luoyang's Top 100 Enterprises'

    2005 Attained ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification

    2007 Awarded as "Modern Management Enterprise" by luoyang Municipal Government

    2009 Drafting and amendment of bearing standards, formulating technical conditions

    2011 The turnove reach 10million USD

    2016 Successfully passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO/TS16946:2009 quality management system certification

    2017 Cooperation to jointly build a nationally recognized bearing testing and measurement laboratory and product R&D center

    We have a complete range of bearing comprehensive technical supporting capacity in the bearing industry of China and reach the leading world level in many disciplines. We provide comprehensive advisory services in bearing industry for the state's important decision-making departments. We also offer comprehensive technical solutions with respect to bearing selection, design, material, inspection, test, process equipment, training, etc. for bearing and related industries.

    Bearing product R&D and analysis;

    Bearing material and heat treatment technology;

    Bearing life and reliability technology;

    Bearing inspection testing technical solutions;

    Bearing process and equipment technology;

    Bearing performance test technology and failure analysis;

    Bearing dynamic performance analysis and test study;

    Cooperation to jointly build a nationally recognized bearing testing and measurement laboratory and product R&D center;

    Drafting and amendment of bearing standards, formulating technical conditions;

    License or transfer of patented technologies;

    Training for bearing technicians and mechanics.

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